Sarah Palin's Biblical Interpretation

Sarah Palin's Biblical Interpretation

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This Book is a continuation of the qIntelligent Foolishnessq which was started in the first Book, qBirds Speak-outq, to make us laugh and have some fun. Upon recognizing the special physical visionary capabilities a Lady had for seeing the brightly colored Cupolas in the Russian Red Square from Alaska, and her special mental visionary ability to recall Biblical Scriptures instantaneously to help people with their problems, many persons began to contact her such as: Baseball Designated Hitters who want to qsee the Ball comingq, Career Women who thought they were qleft-out-of-within-Wedlock-Pregnanciesq, failing Funeral Businesses; Cattlemen, Horsemen and Sheep Herders in the Old West; Medical Persons needing help to stop SARS, Influenza, H1N!, etc.; Farmers who wanted to increase their crop yields; Conquerors and Military Leaders requiring criteria as to whether they should destroy a town, city, etc. during war; help to solve the World's Food Shortage; etc.Mother Nature's BatVirgle (combination of Bat, Virus and Eagle) followed the whirl-wind career of this Lady and aided in the tracking, recording and Biblical Scripture Interpretations regarding her deeds in order that you could witness and be entertained by this phenomenal person still living in the 2010 era..... President Obama struck up a similar idea considering that he is a descendant of Christobama a€œChrisa€ Obama and the ... did not have Cell Phones she thought of the Scriptures to give them a Nocturnal, Diurnal, Seasonal, etc, Time reference.

Title:Sarah Palin's Biblical Interpretation
Author:Joe Bishop
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-08-28


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