Saudi Arabia: Rush to Development (RLE Economy of Middle East)

Saudi Arabia: Rush to Development (RLE Economy of Middle East)

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Saudi Arabia is one of the most controversial and least known of the Arab nations. A land of massive contrasts a€“ between its densely populated cities and its vast expanses of desert; between the recent poverty of its villages and the massive wealth created by oil, which is drawing a labour force from most of the neighbouring countries; between the aggressive technocratic and industrial thrust forward and the strongly traditionalist Islamic basis of the ruling ideologies a€“ it has progressed to world prominence in a matter of years after centuries of little or no change. The change is not so much a surge, or even a thrust, as a rush into the industrialized and wealthy world. This book analyzes the problems and achievements of Saudi development and provides the first detailed critique of the Third Development Plan. First published in 1982.... petrochemical imports that could be increased if Saudi Arabiaa#39;s new projects were seen as a threat to jobs and domestic markets. ... in the Third Plan are concerned with the construction and operation of steel projects as well as other basic-metal projects. ... of Saudi industry since its creation in 1974, will continue to finance manufacturing and electric companies in the Third Plan, but with decided changes in emphasis. ... activity, such as maintenance, service and repair operations.

Title:Saudi Arabia: Rush to Development (RLE Economy of Middle East)
Author:Ragaei el Mallakh
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-05-15


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