Savage Scorpio

Savage Scorpio

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Somewhere in the unmapped regions of Kregen, beneath the two suns of Antares, alpha star of the Constellation Scorpio, lies the hidden city of the Savanti. The Savanti were the ones responsible for tearing Dray Prescot away from his native Earth for their struggle against the Star Lords. And Dray had long sought the locale of his original landing because it would help solve the mystery of his transition. Now the time had come when the search must be completed without delay, for the father of his beloved Delia was a victim of assassins, and only the Savanti could undo the evil that could shatter all that Dray held dear in his second planetary homeland. Savage Scorpio is the thrilling novel of a mission that would involve powerful forces far beyond all Prescot's personal desires.The surf-roar of a hundred ghostly voices beat about me, roaring in my head. Visions passed before my eyes. Flames shot up, smoke ... along, jolting cruelly in that damned six-legged gait. The corpse of the leem lay there bathed in shining 167.

Title:Savage Scorpio
Author:Alan Burt Akers
Publisher:Mushroom eBooks - 2007-05-09


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