Save the Children; Save Our Country

Save the Children; Save Our Country

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American education is falling behind that of other countries, and we are continuing to battle a huge dropout rate in our country. Being without a high school diploma can lead to low-paying jobs, unemployment, government assistance and even incarceration. The effects on our country's economy are devastating. Rather than blaming our school systems, educator Lynne Klemens suggests that parents do certain things to prepare their children for education. Within the pages of this book are twenty basic reminders for parents on what should be taught at home. In order to gain a good education, a child needs parents who are doing their jobs at home and teachers doing their parts in school. Students also have a responsibility for their own learning. The ideas in this guide can help your child to become an active participant in his education. While raising successfully motivated students can be challenging, the advice given in this book is -practical -uncomplicated -inexpensive -necessary.I truly believe it was because he had a parent who helped him blame others for his problems. ... I, as his teacher, could guide him on how to do the work, but I could not make him do the work. ... expect their children to take care of their belongings and are not so quick to replace lost items are helping to instill responsibility.

Title:Save the Children; Save Our Country
Author:Lynne Klemens
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-05-17


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