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Hypatia Washington is 22 years old; an unemployed widow, living on welfare, and estranged from her four-year old daughter, she is profoundly alienated from life-when she enrolls in a community college course in Philosophy thus beginning a profound journey of the mind and heart. She debates skeptics as well as Christian apologists about Evolution, Islam, Womanism, and God, while lecturing about ethics, science, consciousness, and the meaning of human history. She analyzes not only philosophers such as Russell, Rawls, Wittgenstein, and Sartre, but wrestles with such questions as: Which famous philosophers were racists? Was Heidegger a Nazi? Was Wittgenstein homosexual? Did Foucault know he had AIDS? Were any important philosophers women? Or black? Professor Washington is no qivory towerq philosopher: she agonizes over the Rodney King trial and its aftermath; The O.J. Simpson verdict; the death of Tupac Shakur; the qBlack Athenaq controversy, and the publication of The Bell Curve-as well as the horrors of September 11, 2001, and its consequences. Join Hypatia, in her pursuit of the Amor Dei Intellectualis (qintellectual love of Godq).a€œAs a matter of fact, my daughter is majoring in Medical Science, and I would expect her to get a job someplace where her ... his head, and said, a€œIt saddens me to see you black a#39;intellectualsa#39; who hate and deny your own culture and heritage, and . ... So dona#39;t be tryina#39; to tell me that all your life you been down wita#39; tha brothas and sistas in da hood, a#39;cause I aina#39;t buyina#39; that!a€ Mkena looked embarrassed, and she continued, a€œYou got your advanced degrees in Black Studies, you adopted ananbsp;...

Author:Steven Propp
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-03-01


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