Saving Planet Earth - A Practical Hands on Approach

Saving Planet Earth - A Practical Hands on Approach

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This book will take the reader on a journey through various alternate energy mechanisms from solar, thermal, electrostatic, Cold Fusion, Electromagnetic to even more exotic forms of power generation through plasma coupling to the zero point field. Unlike any other book out there this book will show the reader how these devices could help prevent global climate change and liberate humanity. Its all about saving the planet. Come join the possibilities.and had actually placed a patent on a type of coil more commonly known as a pancake coil. ... The figure 2 shown in Teslas patent is also known under other names as bifilar, Smith, Rodin and a few other variants of winding the coils so that the EM ... is an omission or error in the patent, I disagree that this was the case as Tesla was not known for sloppy work especially one of such detail clearly showinganbsp;...

Title:Saving Planet Earth - A Practical Hands on Approach
Author:Kent Andersen - 2008-01-01


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