Saving Pro Wrestling: Booking & Writing Storylines

Saving Pro Wrestling: Booking & Writing Storylines

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This is Kyle's sixth pro wrestling book, and ninth overall publication. His other well known works are Pro Wrestling 101: By a Fan, For fans (including a BONUS/qqLostqq chapters) version. He also penned Invasion: Rebooked a Rewritten. In the second published novel, Kyle writes about what wrestling and its storylines need, in order for improvement, and save the business/industry from further implosion. He believes more realism, emotion and hard-hitting qqnewsqq like stories, regarding wrestling concepts are a few of the need-be things to save wrestling. Bowman writes his opinions, philosophies of what he would change, and how he would qqrightqq the wrongs in wrestling.New Direction 1. Make wrestling the focus of the show; use the in-ring action coupled with the wrestlera#39;s emotions, reactions and psychology to tell the story. 2. Make in-ring matches worth the a€œratinga€ and thata#39;s what will hook people to tune in.

Title:Saving Pro Wrestling: Booking & Writing Storylines
Author:Kyle Bowman - 2013-11


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