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Compelling High-Tech Drama and International Intrigue! In Frank Camelioa€™s gripping new thriller Savior, Swiss geneticist Joshua Mason has made a discovery that promises good health and long life for all humanity. He wants everyone inoculated with his special serum a€“ but on his terms only. Mason is also concealing the serum's full impact on humans and taking extravagant measures to hide his past. Meanwhile, the Supreme Trust, a clandestine international cabal, is funding its own genetic research with the purpose of controlling global population and demographics. As Mason and the Trust move separately and secretly to shape the future, their plans collide, prompting an investigation by the U.S. National Security Agency. The conflict entangles American geneticist Joyce Ching, historian Jim Rogers, and National Security agent Laura Andrews, who face mortal dangers in pursuit of the truth. As the three begin to comprehend the magnitude of Masona€™s findings and the Trust's grand strategy, shocking revelations surface a€“ disclosures that alter history and foreshadow a precarious future. Whichever future prevails, Savior will make readers ask themselves, a€œGiven the choice, would I take Masona€™s serum?q2009. Nestled in a wooded hillside, Humana Genetica was situated about eleven kilometers from the main campus of the ... Eurocar downgraded him to a Smart Car that purportedly had an integrated automatic and manual transmissiona€”aanbsp;...

Author:Frank Camelio
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-09-01


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