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'Scent' is a delicious tail of a fiery relationship when at first the Last Circulator can't stand the tribe's sarcastic and most dangerous Werewolf, however their feelings change to a forbidden love. In a world where Shape Shifters differ culturally as well as physically; B Wisetail and Declan Sabre find not only passion but absolution in their bloodlust-fueled desires. The Lokoti call Circulators the 'Light People' because of their unique abilities coupled with their auras which Shape Shifters can see. Then bake in Alaska as a sanctuary after World War Three, garnish with differing species of Vampires, other breeds of Werewolves and marauding humans. Serves one.a€œDo you have visions when youa#39;re awake or asleep?a€ a€œPretty much both. ... a€œI can see a couple of relationships in your future but no Angelina Jolie look-a-likes. ... Er, Ia#39;m around kids all day at school, you think I want to come home to more?

Author:K.R. Smith - 2010


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