Scent to Kill

Scent to Kill

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A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SOLVING CRIME? AT THE NATUREa€™S WAY MARKET AND CAFA‰, A GENTLE TOUCH, A DOSE OF AROMATIC HERBS, FRESH EVIDENCE, AND INSPIRED INVESTIGATING ARE THE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS TO CATCHING A KILLER! When naturopathic doctor and shop owner Willow McQuadea€™s ex-boyfriend Simon Lewis invites her to a party for the cast and crew of a new television show at Long Islanda€™s scenic Bixby Estate, shea€™s most excited to visit the propertya€™s exclusive lavender farm. But a whole field of her favorite stress-reducing herb cana€™t provide enough soothing support to calm the effects of a murder! Even the showa€™s psychic star didna€™t predict the demise of Roger Bixby, the estatea€™s owner and estranged husband of Simona€™s new girlfriend. Now Simon, whoa€™s been collared by police, needs Willowa€™s help to remedy the situation. As Willow snoops about the mansion, offering natural cures to ease the mounting tension, a strange energya€”and the discovery of an eerily similar unsolved murder decades earliera€”makes her wonder whether the alternative source of the crime might actually be . . . supernatural. Can she find harmony between mind, body, and possibly even spirits before somebody else goes up in smoke?a€œRoger, stop, a€ Carly said, looking up from the call sheet and glancing at me. ... aquot; Just go up to the main house and ask Mrs. Florrick for the golf-cart key and then follow the signs at the head of the trail by the parking lot to the lavender fields.

Title:Scent to Kill
Author:Chrystle Fiedler
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-02-26


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