Schmucks! LP

Schmucks! LP

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Jackie Mason, one of the true kings of comedy, and his partner in crime, former federal prosecutor and celebrity attorney Raoul Felder, go after America's lowlifes, scumbags, and everyone else who really gets on their nerves. This book spares no one. Politicians, sports stars, celebrities, corporations, publishers, crossing guardsa€”they're all fair game. If you are a Schmuck, or just someone who Jackie and Raoul find annoying, there is a fair chance you are on the list. Schmucks! combines Mason's and Felder's nails-to-the-wall political satirea€”impeccable timing with insightful observations on the foibles of modern lifea€”to create material that will leave you crying with laughter. Just a few of the Schmucks included: Bill Clinton Mel Gibson Barbra Streisand Katie Couric Barry Bonds And a cast of hundredsTo tell you the truth, wea#39;re not sure who the bigger schmuck is: David Blaine and his fekockteh stunts or the people who watch them. ... But David Blaine doesna#39;t do that old-timey stuff. ... To Blaine it means levitating or biting a quarter in half.

Title:Schmucks! LP
Author:Jackie Mason, Raoul Felder
Publisher:HarperLuxe - 2007-03-27


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