Science and Religion in Mamluk Egypt

Science and Religion in Mamluk Egypt

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This book helps situate a ground-breaking discovery in the history of the lifesciences: the discovery of the pulmonary transit of blood, a prerequisite for WilliamHarvey's fully developed theory of blood circulation three centuries later. By revealingthe social, religious, philosophical and medical contexts of this discovery, the bookilluminate the intricate ways in which science and religion interacted in the medievalIslamic world. As such, it provides a new framework with which to challenge theoft-repeated, but incorrect, assertion that science came to a standstill within theIslamic world due to religious antagonism. ...a€œAvicenna and the Problem of the Infinite Number of Souls.a€ Mediaeval Studies 22 ... Malibu, CA: Undena Publications, 1983. 4a€œAvicennaa#39;s ... 13, pp. 461465. Detroit: Macmillan, 2005. ... Meyerhof, Max. a€œNew Light on Hunayn Ibn Ishaq and his Period.a€ Isis 8 (1926): 6854724. 4a€œIbn an-Nafis (XIIIth cent.) and His ... 4a€œ Sultan Saladina#39;s Physician on the Transmission of Greek Medicine to the Arabs.a€ Bulletin ofanbsp;...

Title:Science and Religion in Mamluk Egypt
Author:Nahyan Fancy
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-06-03


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