Science and Ultimate Reality

Science and Ultimate Reality

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This volume provides a fascinating snapshot of the future of physics, covering fundamental physics, at the frontiers of research. It comprises a wide variety of contributions from leading thinkers in the field, inspired by the pioneering work of John A. Wheeler. Quantum theory represents a unifying theme within the book, along with topics such as the nature of physical reality, the arrow of time, models of the universe, superstrings, gravitational radiation, quantum gravity and cosmic inflation. Attempts to formulate a final unification of physics are discussed, along with the existence of hidden dimensions of space, space-time singularities, hidden cosmic matter, and the strange world of quantum technology.Wheeler was fascinated by the paradox implied by the final stages of collapse - the formation of a so-called spacetime singularity, in which matter is squeezed into a single point of infinite density ... When a massive star collapses the gravitational field rises higher and higher until even light itself is trapped. ... What trace doesanbsp;...

Title:Science and Ultimate Reality
Author:John D. Barrow, Paul C. W. Davies, Charles L. Harper, Jr
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2004-04-22


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