Science of the People

Science of the People

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How do people understand science? How do they feel about science, how do they relate to it, what do they hope from it and what do they fear about it? Science of the People: Understanding and using science in everyday contexts helps answer these questions as the result of painstaking interviewing by Professor Joan Solomon of all and sundry in a fairly typical small town. The result is a unique overview of how a very wide range of adults, united only by local geography, relate to science. Many of the findings run contrary to what is widely believed about how science is learnt and about how people view it. Chapters include: An Approach to Awareness Publics for Science? Ethics and Action Interpretation and Change Joan Solomon, who sadly died before this book could be published, enjoyed an international reputation in science education. After a long career teaching science in secondary schools she moved into the university sector and ending up holding chairs of science education at the Open University, Kinga€™s College London and the University of Plymouth. She was a world leader in her subject and inspired classroom teachers and wrote a number of very influential papers with some of them. She produced many important books, booklets and other resources to help science teachers and science educators get to grips with the history and philosophy of science and the teaching of energy, amongst other topics. This book is essential reading for those involved in Science education and educational policy.Other more brutal metaphors like a#39;lancing the boil of public anxietya#39; are still used in this generally cavalier approach to those who do not understand risk (Chapter 10) by ... Starting the research In 2000 when research on which this Preface xi.

Title:Science of the People
Author:Joan Solomon
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-02-11


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