Scientists and Their Discoveries

Scientists and Their Discoveries

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This series takes a fresh look at history by using original documents as the starting point for studying major events or periods in the past. The author draws on a wide range of sources, from diaries and letters to speeches and legal documents. Each document is set in context and fully annotated. They have been set in modern type for legibility, but photographs of some of the original documents are also shown. The books are highly illustrated with photographs, reproductions and maps. Scientists and their Discoveries looks at the lives and achievements of many of the scientists who have transformed the world with discoveries ranging from tiny subatomic particles to the massive and powerful mechanisms that drive the Earth and the stars - Marie curie, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Harry Hess and many more. It examines their ideas and how they affected society, highlighting their work which was a mixture of experiment, collaboration and brilliant individual insight that has characterised scientific advance down the ages.Despite his brilliance, Einstein did make some errors. ... Einstein and the bomb Einsteina#39;s fourth paper of 1905 contained the famous equation E = mc , which shows the relationship between energy (E) and mass (m). ... Einstein and other scientists wrote to the American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging that the USA carry out similar research ... Hiroshima, Japan, after the atomic bomb was dropped.

Title:Scientists and Their Discoveries
Author:Christine Hatt
Publisher:Evans Brothers - 2006-11-01


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