Scotland's Choices: The Referendum and What Happens Afterwards

Scotland's Choices: The Referendum and What Happens Afterwards

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Scotland faces its biggest choice since the 1707 union that made the United Kingdom - should Scotland be an independent country? The Yes and No campaigns are well under way but with the vote looming closer the information available to the public is still limited. What will happen after the referendum? What are the international implications? What about the UK's nuclear deterrant, currently housed in Scotland? What happens if the vote is 'No'? Is it even clear what independence will mean? What about the oil? What will the currency be? What will happen to the Old Age Pension pot if the UK splits? Scotland's Choices, now fully revised for the critical last few months before the referendum, does just that. Written by one former civil servant, one academic and one think-tanker - one a resident Scot, one a Scot living in England and one an Englishman - the authors clearly explain the issues you may not have considered and detail how each of the options would be put into place after the referendum.Bradley, A. W. and D. J. Christie (1979), The Scotland Act 1978, Edinburgh: W. Green. Braithwaite, W.J. (1957), Lloyd Georgea#39;s Ambulance Wagon edited by Sir H. N. Bunbury, London: Methuen. Brown ... Bulpitt, Jim (1983), Territory and Power in the United Kingdom, Manchester: Manchester University Press. Calman , Sir ... a#39;Auld Sanga#39;: Defence in an Independent Scotland, RUSI Briefing Paper, April, London: RUSI alt; End_of_an_Auld_Sang.pdf.agt;anbsp;...

Title:Scotland's Choices: The Referendum and What Happens Afterwards
Author:Iain McLean, Jim Gallagher, Guy Lodge
Publisher:Edinburgh University Press - 2014-05-01


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