Screwing Mother Nature for Profit: How Corporations Betray Our Trust

Screwing Mother Nature for Profit: How Corporations Betray Our Trust

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Screwing Mother Nature for Profit is a wake-up call to acknowledge, and heal, the harm that corporate greed is wreaking on our planet. Overpopulation, hunger, pollution, climate change: the damage is all around us. How can we live in harmony with each other and with nature? For answers, Elaine Smitha turns to Mother Nature herself, explaining how her principles of cooperative competition can set corporations and governments on a path of conscious, sustainable growth. Drawing on concepts from Henry Ford's innovative production line to the findings of the 'new biology', she reveals a startling correlation between businesses and living systems - then uses this as the basis for a model of leadership oriented towards benefits much bigger than cash flow. Some of the topics covered include: * The danger of manipulating the food supply with 'terminator seeds' * The possibilities of collective intelligence and crowd-sourcing * Innovative solutions for health care, communications and corporate governance * Ways for businesses to tap into the self-healing processes of the body and the power of the mind. In the words of one seasoned journalist, her book 'goes worlds beyond ...tired, ineffective and faddish theories' to hold out fresh hope - not only for the corporate world, but for our whole world.a€œMedical Errors: The Scope of the Problem, a€ Fact sheet, Publication No. AHRQ 00PO37 ... New rules to fight surgery errors, a€ Associated Press, June 29, 2004;, 23599, 2296874913762, 00.html. ibid. ... Interface, Inc., press release, a€œ2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Features InterfaceFABRIC Interior, a€anbsp;...

Title:Screwing Mother Nature for Profit: How Corporations Betray Our Trust
Author:Elaine Smitha Author
Publisher:Duncan Baird Publishers - 2013-01-01


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