Seafood Research from Fish to Dish

Seafood Research from Fish to Dish

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In this book, scientists from various disciplines address the advances in seafood research with respect to quality, safety, consumer's demands and processing of wild and farmed fish. The nutritional properties of marine lipids and lipid oxidation from model systems to seafood are presented. Several contributions on the effects of natural anti-oxidants to prevent oxidation are also included. Effects of dietary factors on muscle tissue quality, pre-rigor processing and brining of farmed cod are covered. The development of rigor mortis and the quality of muscle in relation to commercial and experimental slaughter techniques are also discussed. Consumer's knowledge, perception and need for information about seafood are discussed. Topics such as shelf life and microbial quality of seafood are covered in a range of contributions. Inactivation of micro organisms or biopreservation of seafood are included. Attention is paid to the development of the Quality Index Method for the evaluation of the quality of fresh fish and products. The characterisation and the quality of processed by-products are also presented. The presence of trace elements and organic contaminants in variety of seafood products is highlighted. Finally, several contributions regarding advanced methodologies to determine the quality of seafood are presented. This book will be of interest to anybody concerned with quality and safety of fish throughout the entire chain from catch to consumer.Results and discussion Manual evaluation of stockfish and rehydrated stockfish The manual quality assessment of the stockfish gave the result shown in Table 2. ... This demonstrates the problem of documenting the quality of stockfish ( Joensen and others 2005); both the trouble of finding the defects as ... Examples of transflection spectra recorded with the NIRS6500 instrument are shown in Figure 2.

Title:Seafood Research from Fish to Dish
Author:Joop B. Luten
Publisher:Wageningen Academic Pub - 2006


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