Search for Light

Search for Light

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When the clouds of serious illness or injury cover your world in darkness, it can be hard to find any blessings. But there is light to be found. Every day, millions of people are engaged in the difficult and demanding work of care giving. This job is one that many are completely unprepared for and that most will perform at least once. Caregiversthe family and friends of the patientmust assist their loved ones in numerous ways while engaged in their own struggle with the patients' medical journeys. With so many things happening, caregivers can feel lost as to what to do. Joanne Reynolds has been a caregiver multiple times. Here, she shares the ten crucial lessons she has found are important to the care giving process. Learn how to: distinguish between and handle the five stages of grief; connect the mind, body, and spirit; deal with the diagnosis; be an advocate for the patient; find emotional support for the patient and caregiver; manage the stress of care giving; improve communication with doctors, the patient, and the patient's team; and more! With advice from other caregivers and experts as well as examples from Joanne's experiences, caregivers will come away prepared for the storm ahead, ready to weather even the darkest times with the help of the ultimate Caregiver. These lessons will guide the caregiver's Search for Light, leading them to the blessings that can be found amidst the darkness.Somehow they thought she was getting the portacath put in today. (Is that how you spell it? Ita#39;s a a€œporta€ to a vein they install surgically so they dona#39;t have to poke her with needles every time she gets chemo or has a ... You may do your bestanbsp;...

Title:Search for Light
Author:Joanne Reynolds
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2010-01


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