Seasons of Love: Summer

Seasons of Love: Summer

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qSummerq is the second volume in the four book series entitled qSeasons of Love.q qSpringq described the meeting between Mary Shaw and Paul Weber, a German prisoner of war and their relationship. It followed their lives after Paul had returned to Nuremberg, Mary's pregnancy with their child and their subsequent marriages to Frank and Helene. On a business trip to London in 1952 Paul discovers Mary's new address and establishes that she has married. qSpringq ended with Paul facing a dilemma. Should he contact Mary and, if so, how and when? qSummerq continues from the early fifties. Mary and her husband, Frank, deal with the challenges to their family and life in the qSwinging Sixties.q It is also a period during which Paul and his family emerge from the hardships of the post war years. During qSummerq Paul confronts his emotions and makes a life changing decision which has irreversible consequences for his own and Mary's family.Assmannhausen was a typical Rhine valley village that looked as though it had come straight out of a guide book. ... Each window was framed by a pair of brown painted shutters. The hotel ... There was a price to pay for this independence.

Title:Seasons of Love: Summer
Author:Neil Topping - 2014-07-18


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