Second That Emotion

Second That Emotion

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An advertising and communications expert traces the fascinating process whereby a passion for an idea, a politician, a celebrity, or a brand gives rise to a set of illogical beliefs that becomes the basis for a powerful movement. Conventional wisdom has it that spin doctors and Madison Avenue are responsible for manipulating our thoughts, causing us to endorse ideas or buy products that we would otherwise reject outright. Holden shows that while advertising and propaganda can provide a spark and social media provides the kindling, individuals create consumer, political, and cultural trends based, more often than not, on thinking that they know logically to be flawed. For businesspeople who want to see their company or brand break through, this book is both essential and entertaining reading. For the rest of us, the author provides a window into our decision-making processes, and how emotion-based illogical leaps drive our support for movements, whether they are political, commercial, or related to popular culture. From the Hardcover edition.How Decisions, Trends, aamp; Movements Are Shaped Jeremy D. Holden. month and also receive a portion of the interest charge that other card members whoa#39;d failed to make their payments had incurred. ... In anotherstriking example of people takingillogical leaps, if youa#39;ve evereaten a White Castle Ar burger youknowtheyanbsp;...

Title:Second That Emotion
Author:Jeremy D. Holden
Publisher:Prometheus Books - 2012-09-18


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