Secrets of the Adversarial Interview

Secrets of the Adversarial Interview

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Techniques, technologies, and applications - the arts and sciences of interrogating criminal suspects, their victims, and the witnesses to their crimes. Sounds exciting, donAca‚na„ct it? adAca‚na€œverAca‚na€œsaA…a€cAca‚na€œial!Aca‚nA“Oooooh, Aca‚n kindAca‚na gets you all tingly. Wow! And doesnAca‚na„ct it just set you to thinking about gladiators locked in the deadly dance of hand-to-hand combat? Secrets takes you through the entire process of interrogation from start to finish; BUT, if you were expecting Aca‚nwaterboardingAca‚n and other inefficient methods of torture Aca‚na€œ FORGET IT! The Adversarial Interview not only works but itAca‚na„cs legal!For now, just know that these Talkina#39; Lizards! are only a ploy to get you to notice the book, pick it up, and start reading it. ... snake by the way and, as for Bouncing Betty, well that is the affectionate nickname for a very deadly landmine. Secretsanbsp;...

Title:Secrets of the Adversarial Interview
Author:Ron Niccum - 2010-01-06


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