Security De-Engineering

Security De-Engineering

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As hacker organizations surpass drug cartels in terms of revenue generation, it is clear that the good guys are doing something wrong in information security. Providing a simple foundational remedy for our security ills, Security De-Engineering: Solving the Problems in Information Risk Management is a definitive guide to the current problems impacting corporate information risk management. It explains what the problems are, how and why they have manifested, and outlines powerful solutions. Ian Tibble delves into more than a decade of experience working with close to 100 different Fortune 500s and multinationals to explain how a gradual erosion of skills has placed corporate information assets on a disastrous collision course with automated malware attacks and manual intrusions. Presenting a complete journal of hacking feats and how corporate networks can be compromised, the book covers the most critical aspects of corporate risk information risk management. Outlines six detrimental security changes that have occurred in the past decade Examines automated vulnerability scanners and rationalizes the differences between their perceived and actual value Considers security productsa€”including intrusion detection, security incident event management, and identity management The book provides a rare glimpse at the untold stories of what goes on behind the closed doors of private corporations. It details the tools and products that are used, typical behavioral traits, and the two types of security experts that have existed since the mid-ninetiesa€”the hackers and the consultants that came later. Answering some of the most pressing questions about network penetration testing and cloud computing security, this book provides you with the understanding and tools needed to tackle todaya€™s risk management issues as well as those on the horizon.However, full automation is exactly the strategy deployed by many of the Fortune 500s and multinationals. Robots on a ... They screw in bolts and punch pop rivets faster than a human can. ... In security, there are some things that autoscanners can do reasonably accurately and faster than by manual means, but not many.

Title:Security De-Engineering
Author:Ian Tibble
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-02-02


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