Security on IBM z/VSE

Security on IBM z/VSE

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One of a firm's most valuable resources is its data: client lists, accounting data, employee information, and so on. This critical data has to be securely managed and controlled, and simultaneously made available to those users authorized to see it. The IBMAr z/VSETM system has extensive capabilities to simultaneously share the firm's data among multiple users and protect them. Threats to this data come from a variety of sources. Insider threats, as well as malicious hackers, are not only difficult to detect and preventa€”they could have been using resources without the business even being aware that they are there. This IBM RedbooksAr publication was written to assist z/VSE support and security personnel in providing the enterprise with a safe, secure and manageable environment. This book provides an overview of the security provided by z/VSE and the processes for the implementation and configuration of z/VSE security components, Basic Security Manager (BSM), IBM CICSAr security, TCP/IP security, single sign-on using LDAP, and connector security.If you want to use cipher suite 35, follow the instructions in a€œUsing encryption with AES-256a€ on page 209. ... BASE 7 Ford Escort ZX2 2 Door Coupe 150 2000 6 White Sp.Seats, Zetec Eng. 15715 1S55I LAST RETURN CODE WAS 0000anbsp;...

Title:Security on IBM z/VSE
Author:Helmut Hellner, Ingo Franzki, Antoinette Kaschner, Joerg Schmidbauer, Heiko Schnell, IBM Redbooks
Publisher:IBM Redbooks - 2011-11-19


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