Seduction and Romantic Dinner - Your Mystic Epicurean Quest - Icookbook

Seduction and Romantic Dinner - Your Mystic Epicurean Quest - Icookbook

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Seduction and Romantic DinnerYour Mystic Epicurean Quest iCookbookFrom the Columns of Paideia comes the most anticipated tome in years. Gain knowledge of epicurean recipes, artistic seduction rituals, and an impetus system of beliefs. The great wisdom of the Columns of Paideia will be a mystery to you no longer! You will also elicit knowledge from the Round Rose Table's legendary participants. By means of the qVII Columns of Knowledge, q you're literally bestowed the keys to the seduction and romantic dinner kingdom way of life. You will gain knowledge of secret, seductive recipes and mysterious, uplifting effects to make you more desirable and playful. Discover how we keep our relationships lively and enchanting! Your lover will think you are an epicurean god or goddess who has arrived to mysteriously give them a tantalizing culinary feast. Everybody desires someone who can step outside of his or her box and is mysterious enough to move their inner passion. They want someone who can take them in, slowly tease, intrigue them, entice their emotions, and make them experience novel thoughts and utter feelings that they would have never experienced before or thought they would ever experience. Smidgens, dash, pinch, are all jargon terms that reflect the way people cook and dine. These words describe the way you should sprinkle the seduction and romantic dinners into your life for that special someone. With this new knowledge, you will enhance your mastery of epicurean enticement, gain a greater understanding of human psychology, and learn poetic dynamics-this will, in turn, increase social interaction. Bear in mind, seduction is really about interconnecting in a new potent way that makes you (and your beliefs) irresistible to others. http: //www.seductionandromanticdinner.comhttp: //www.lonnielynch.comJazzing Up Mashed Potatoes There are a few different ways for you to present mashed potatoes in a sophisticated, artistic manner. ... Provide a lazy Susan full of toppings: sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and chives. ... When finished, cut in half, scoop out potatoes, and mash in accordance to your favorite recipe. ... J large BLUE POTATO, cut into six wedges 1 teaspoon VEGETABLE OIL a#39;A medium ONION, finely sliced a#39;A medium RED BELL pepper, chopped 4 ouncesanbsp;...

Title:Seduction and Romantic Dinner - Your Mystic Epicurean Quest - Icookbook
Author:Lonnie Lynch
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-11


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