Seeds of Eden

Seeds of Eden

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Eden. Once the home and Mother Planet for the Edenites. A planet rich in everything imaginable. But, they took from it until it had no more to give. And only when the planet began to die, did they realize what they had done. By then it was too late. Their planet now uninhabitable. Their population dispersed among the sister planets and throughout the star system. It took them hundreds of years to find suitable life sustaining planets for all of their people. Earth. Once alive with all kinds of life forms. Early Man. Dinosaurs and so much plant life. All destroyed when Meteors slammed into the planet. After Thousands of years, slowly coming back to life. Found by the Edenites in their search for suitable life sustaining planets. Chosen as a seed planet. Ita€™s new population transplanted onto the planet. Waking one day to their new world. Only to them it was just another day. When the Edenites returned, they found that the inhabitants were doing to Earth, what they had done to Eden. Something had to be done to prevent this. They made their decision. Now, the clock was ticking. Mathew. A child placed on Earth to an Edenite family already there and waiting on him. They have prepared well for him. Will he be enough. Finally of age. A young man. His parents leave Earth. He will be on his own now, except for his android teachers and a master computer called Trainer. Can he overcome the tremendous odds against him. Will they listen. Will he survive long enough to convince them. The adventure begins.Matt had driven it to town and the country to rescue the girl earlier but he really hadna#39;t had a chance to check it out. He had not ... More switches and lights on the dash than Matt could begin to imagine what for. ... The first one said Truck System . ... While it was possible that the engine could break down, it was very unlikely.

Title:Seeds of Eden
Author:R. Osborn
Publisher:Author House - 2011-03-08


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