Seeking Wisdom From God

Seeking Wisdom From God

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Seeking Wisdom from God presents a fresh and unique look at some Biblical topics. Because knowledge increases faster than wisdom, we have an abundance of Biblical knowledge and a shortage of Biblical wisdom. Knowledge has increased, due to our advances in understanding the ancient Hebrew and Greek languages coupled with the dissecting of Scripture using historical, textual, and literary analysis. Tragically, Christianity looks nothing like its inception on the Day of Pentecost. Why are there over 20, 000 different denominations? Why do I still sin daily? Have we replaced Divine Illumination with historical, literary and textual analysis? If Adam had not sinned, the worlda€™s population would have reached 100 billion in 1, 836 years. How are we all going to fit on this planet when eternity begins? Why did God plant a fruit-yielding tree in Eden and then forbid Adam and Eve from eating of its fruit? a€œThis was a very good book by a man of great wisdoma€ Five Stars, LibraryThing Reviewer a€œIta€™s such an eye opener booka€ Five Stars, LibraryThing Reviewer a€œThis is an excellent book for Bible study. It brings Biblical truths into a new perspectivea€ Five Stars, LibraryThing Reviewer a€œa marvelous fusion of faith and scholarshipa€ a€” First EditingWaymana#39;s friendship meant a lot to me that school year, and even today I have fond memories. During the ... Later that evening, my dad picked me up, and on the drive home, he asked, a€œHow was the service?a€ I told him that I ... Included in some of their plans to take over the world was the creation of a a€œsuper racea€ of people.

Title:Seeking Wisdom From God
Author:Thomas H. Walker
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2011-01-14


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