Seer's Choice

Seer's Choice

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Ryley has traveled across worlds and discovered his soul mate living in the Earth town of Seaviewa€b his mothera€™s hometown. Watching Rowan from afar is one thing, but actively interfering in her destiny? Thata€™s against a€œthe rulesa€ in so many waysa€”especially when your mother is the most powerful Sehan in Dayamaria, and your grandmother happens to be a goddess. If anyone discovers where hea€™s been disappearing toa€”and whya€”therea€™ll be big trouble. But he cana€™t give Rowan up, especially now her strange powers have spun dangerously out of control. And when Dayamaria is threatened by a deadly predator immune to magic, Ryley must choose between the woman he loves and the people he left behind. Paranormal romance, 103, 000 words The Seer Trilogy: Seer's Hope (Book 1) Seer's Promise (Book 2) Seer's Choice (Book 3) The Seer Trilogy Bundle (Books 1-3)Rowan stretched, teetering precariously on the office chair. Something clicked in her spine and ... More like a clinical letter of instructions from boss to employee that had been a bit like a slap in the face with a wet fish. Such as the oh-so-polite anbsp;...

Title:Seer's Choice
Author:Maree Anderson
Publisher:Maree Anderson - 2013-03-31


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