Self-Action Leadership

Self-Action Leadership

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For more than a quarter of a century, Dr. Jordan R. Jensen has been studying and researching the art and science of Self-Leadership. You now hold in your hands the result of his efforts: the Self-Action Leadership Theory a Model for personal success, fulfillment, and existential achievement. Hewn out of the education, research, and experiences of his own lifea€™s failures and successes in battling obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and other significant life challenges, Dr. Jensen presents a clear and compelling narrative guide to overcoming your own lifea€™s greatest adversities to achieve authentic, long-term personal success in your relationships, career, and life. The principles and practices contained herein will both empower and inspire you to conquer the enemy within along your journey toward summiting lifea€™s greatest obstacles en route to the glorious views attainable at the mountain tops of your life. You will come away not only prepared to accomplish great things as a self-leader, but to become a Self-Action Leader that personifies greatness. Read this book to find out why Self-Action Leadership is the most important subject in the worlda€”The Key to Everything that matters most.Power. of. Words. Leadership. Survey. 1. Look around at the motivational quotes on the walls in this weight room. Do you ever read and/or think about these quotes? (Circle one) Yes (39) No (0) 2. If so, how often (Circle one) Every day (21 )anbsp;...

Title:Self-Action Leadership
Author:Jordan R. Jensen, Ed.D.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-09-04


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