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Martial arts students dona€™t just learn how to fight. They also learn lots of other important things they use every daya€”like self-discipline, for example. Self-discipline is what keeps us going, even when ita€™s hard work. Martial artists learn this skill, and it helps them with everything from studying for a test . . . to practicing an instrument . . . to playing sports. Discover how martial arts can help you learn self-discipline too!Sowhen you go to school, ita#39;s easier to pay attention to the teacher.You can concentrate on reading everything you have to.You can get through all yourhomework. And all ... Selfdiscipline means making yourself do things when you should do them, even though you dona#39;t wantto do them. ... Then you have to choose what to do. Do you ... Someone who isna#39;t selfdisciplined might choose to watch TV or play.

Author:Sara James
Publisher:Mason Crest - 2014-09-29


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