Selling Solar

Selling Solar

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To solve the climate crisis, the world must make a wholesale shift to renewable energy technologies. With surging growth in emerging markets, this transformation takes on even greater urgency. The challenges - and opportunities - are immense. Selling Solar considers how such a shift might happen. Focusing on the case of solar photovoltaics, it shows how, at the start of the 21st century, this promising technology began to diffuse rapidly in select emerging markets, after years of struggling to take off. What were the initial barriers to diffusion? How were they overcome? Who did it? And how can this success be replicated? Drawing on literature on innovation diffusion and entrepreneurship, the author answers these questions, showing how entrepreneurs affected profound technological change not just through the solar systems they sold, but through the example they set to both new market entrants and policymakers. In analysing how this happened, this book offers important lessons for the diffusion of a range of renewable energy technologies in emerging markets, and for the advancement of the sector as a whole. Selling Solar is essential reading for anyone who believes in a renewable energy future and wants it sooner rather than later.Furthermore, it generates AC power for standard 220-volt appliances, such as colour TV, and provides greater flexibility to increase ... By contrast, an average 50-watt solar system (without a DC to AC inverter) generates only DC electricity at 12 volts, suitable for black ... later upgraded to 74W US$10.1 500W diesel genset US$30.4 Source: Miller and Hope (2000), p8932 Furthermore, as we consideredanbsp;...

Title:Selling Solar
Author:Damian Miller
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-05-04


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