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This is a story of how innocence can be shattered by ignorance, how faith is enduring in the presence of callous disbelief and how right is proven true in the end. This story is an American story and a human story. It is my story and yours. This is a book to read. Maya Angelou A rare and beautiful achievement, this honest book holds a true mirror up to a southern city and some of its best and not yet best residents John Ehle Jo Anne North Goetz grew up in the racially segregated Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and discovered her love of teaching in a one-room schoolhouse there. Darryl Hunt was born in the projects of East Winston, never knew his father, and his mother was a drunk who couldn't raise him. He learned about love from a grandfather he adored. Goetz and Hunt became friends during the year she taught him in the sixth grade at Mebane Elementary School. Seven years later, in 1984, when she read the news story of his arrest in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for the rape and murder of a white newspaper copy editor, Deborah Sykes, Goetz faced her own fear of reprisal in a racially torn community and took the witness stand as Hunt's only character witness. For the next 20 years after Hunt's conviction, she stood by his side in a struggle for freedom and justice that divided a community. This is a beautiful story, and I clearly heard Jo Anne's voice reading it to me. Leigh Somerville McMillan has captured her point of view, her voice, her faith. Mark Rabil, Attorney for Darryl Hunt Leigh Somerville McMillan gives us an intimate portrait of Jo Anne Goetz and her friendship with a man wrongly accused of murder a story of race, justice and redemption. Phoebe Zerwick, State Editor The Winston-Salem Journal It is a rare moment in life when people come together, not only to bring out the best in each other, but the best in humanity.aquot;How you doing, soldier?aquot; Sam asked, moving a little closer to David but continuing to climb. aquot;Ia#39;m doing fine. It looks like wea#39;re gonna shoot at our first Yankees, aquot; David said. Sama#39;s heart was pounding, and not just from climbing the small hill.

Author:Val L. McGee
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-06-01


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