Semiconductor Electronics

Semiconductor Electronics

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The Book Describes Various Topics Of Semiconductor Electronics. The Subject In This Book Has Been Developed In A Systematic Way Maintaining The Continuity In The Topics. Only Semiconductor Electronics Has Been Discussed To The Exclusion Of Obsolete Tube Technology. Stress Has Been Laid On Highlighting Electronics Rather Than Dwelling Upon Lengthy Mathematics. Only The Minimal Required Mathematics Is Included. Every Chapter Is Complete In Itself So That The Student Does Not Need To Consult Other Books For Some Topic. The Presentation Of The Material In The Book Is Really Original And Will Impress The Students And Teachers Alike. The Circuit Diagrams Are So Impressive And Illustrative That They Stimulate Interest In Reading The Book. Solved And Unsolved Problems In Each Chapter Are Included To Make The Topics More Clear And Understandable.Describe the various classes of power amplifier in terms of their operating points. 2. Compare the efficiencies in case of A, B and C classes of amplifiers. 3. What do you mean by a ... Describe a complementary symmetry circuit used in power amplifiers. 12. Describe a class-C ... Find the efficiency of a power amplifier if the input and output powers are 200W and 1 kW respectively. 20. Calculate the poweranbsp;...

Title:Semiconductor Electronics
Author:A. K. Sharma
Publisher:New Age International - 1996


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