Sense and Nonsense

Sense and Nonsense

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Poet Royce Wilkersona€™s philosophy on poetry is that it should be accessiblea€”understood and enjoyed by everyone. In Sense and Nonsense, his new collection of verses that cover a wide range of subject matter, he has included many explanations for his various poems. True to the title of the work, there is sense about everyday life and nonsense that pokes fun at our daily lives. Find humor and practical living in poems that address topics such as searching for words to express your love for that special person or discovering how life can change with just a simple wink. Wilkerson also offers encouragement for your daily walk with Christ, exploring faith, honor, and duty; choices at the fork in the road; and the place to which one-step-at-a-time leads. The nonsense side of life is fully examined by his charming poems on the exasperating foibles of Old Men. Sense and Nonsense is a poetry collection that has something for everyone. Old Men and Their Naps For Old Men, few are the joys that remain, Except that sacred one they now obtain. They receive, as these golden years unwrap, That privileged birthrighta€”their daily nap. The truth regarding Old Men and their naps: They get still, and into a coma they lapse. Impossible to wake, though his wife tries; You cana€™t wake someone just resting his eyes. At night, he often complains he cana€™t sleep And spends many restless hours counting sheep. This results in a mid-morning collapse, For which the best cure, of course, is more naps.My wife, Eunice, and I celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary in January 2011. ... a€œAnniversary Chimesa€ celebrates those wonderful years. One of my anniversary gifts to herwas an orchid plant, accompanied by a poem titled a€œAn Orchid for Thee, a€ to remember those years and to look to the future with Goda#39;s blessings.

Title:Sense and Nonsense
Author:Royce W. Wilkerson
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-03


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