Sensor Technology in the Netherlands: State of the Art

Sensor Technology in the Netherlands: State of the Art

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In the rapidly developing information society there is an ever-growing demand for information-supplying elements or sensors. The technology to fabricate such sensors has grown in the past few decades from a skilful activity to a mature area of scientific research and technological development. In this process, the use of silicon-based techniques has appeared to be of crucial importance, as it introduced standardized (mass) fabrication techniques, created the possibility of integrated electronics, allowed for new transduction principles, and enabled the realization of micromechanical structures for sensing or actuation. Such micromechanical structures are particularly well-suited to realize complex microsystems that improve the performance of individual sensors. Currently, a variety of sensor areas ranging from optical to magnetic and from micromechanical to (bio)chemical sensors has reached a high level of sophistication. In this MESA Monograph the proceedings of the Dutch Sensor Conference, an initiative of the Technology Foundation (STW), held at the University of Twente on March 2-3, 1998, are compiled. It comprises all the oral and poster contributions of the conference, and gives an excellent overview of the state of the art of Dutch sensor research and development. Apart from Dutch work, the contributions of two external invited experts from Switzerland are included.The A/D converter has a TTL level output stage (0 and 5 Volt). However, the standard serial RS232 port uses -12 and +12 Volt stages. Therefore, a third step is necessary to convert the TTL levels to standard RS232 levels. The total dissipated current of ... converter adjuster Figure 1: Schematic view of the electronic circuit Figure 1 shows a block diagram of the whole converter. The components fitted on aanbsp;...

Title:Sensor Technology in the Netherlands: State of the Art
Author:Albert van den Berg, Piet Bergveld
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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