SEO Made Easy

SEO Made Easy

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Todaya€™s SEO Secrets in Plain English: What to Know, What to Do, How to Win! This book is a revised and updated version of the acclaimed Outsmarting Google: SEO Secrets to Winning New Business by Evan Bailyn How do people find you? They search. Simple, right? So, why does Search Engine Optimization seem so complicated? Search engines and consultants love it that way. If you dona€™t understand SEO, youa€™ll pay big bucks for a job you could easily do yourselfa€bif you read SEO Made Easy ! Evan Bailyn has spent his days uncovering secret search engine rules and finding new ways to outsmart them. Now, he has distilled those secrets into real, gritty, proven, simple tactics for grabbing top spots at Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. From earning trust to improving conversion rates, all you need to build a thriving business with search is here! a€c Build online trust, the #1 currency of search success a€c Supercharge your results with all five key ingredients of Google optimization a€c Reel in links with 17 up-to-the-minute, link-building strategies a€c Use the Nuclear Football: todaya€™s #1 technique for attracting targeted traffic a€c Track traffic, engagement, conversions, and the effectiveness of each site element a€c Escape dangerous new myths of Google optimization and avoid disastrous a€œblack hata€ SEO techniques a€c Systematically convert strong SEO results into real paying customers a€c Prepare for the revolution in social search thata€™s barreling toward you a€c Use keyword tools to uncover underserved, high-profit business niches a€c Leverage your content investments to forge powerful new relationships and partnershipsIa#39;ve heard about websites that were just released and immediately hit the top of Google, but Ia#39;ve never seen one; and the times I have ... Google intentionally imposes a ranking delay on new websites. ... When I start a new website, I expect its success to depend on how interesting the content is to my potential customers.

Title:SEO Made Easy
Author:Evan Bailyn
Publisher:Que Publishing - 2013-12-13


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