Separated by the War

Separated by the War

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When I was a youngster growing up in Texas my dad worked in a number of fields. From the Oil Patch of West Texas, to farming in the Panhandle or in security in central Texas the family usually enjoyed evening meals together. After supper Dad enjoyed drinking a cup of coffee and telling us stories ranging from his experiences in the army during World War II, where he was wounded during a German artillery barrage, or his dreams for our futures or sometimes stories from his childhood. On one such occasion he told of two young men who were separated during the Civil War. One was raised by a family in the North and the other was raised by a family in the South. Years later when both boys were grown and had families of their own they were reunited. I have taken this event to construct the story of Josh and Jim, two young boys who were separated by the Civil War. The names, characters, locations and events are entirely fictitious and are presented for the readersa€™ enjoyment. I hope that you enjoy this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.They put on their home spun shirts, jumped into their overalls and darted across the floor toward the stairway attached to the wall of the ... These critters shared common roosts and nesting boxes at night inside the roosting house. ... Pa and their older brother, Jack met them at the back door, each carrying a bucket full of milk.

Title:Separated by the War
Author:Richard D. Arnold
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-02-07


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