September 11 Fiction of Matrix

September 11 Fiction of Matrix

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I was inspired by Hollywood movie in giving a name to this book. Matrix is the name of a fake world which is believed to be fictitious. September 11 was a starting point which differentiates between those who resist and those who don't and between those who believe and those who don't. I agree with war on terrorism, blame all kind of terrorist and terror acts, but I disagree with the fiction of Matrix. Absolutely, Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization and Laden is the mastermind of terrorism. Thank you Canada. I am proud of being Canadian, otherwise I would not feel free to write this book in US. FARUK ARSLAN REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADAIt was a bold decision because 1 euro was 80 US cents at that time. In the beginning Iraq lost much but later it gained much because dollar fell back from euro. Saddama#39;s this decision was the biggest mistake which is unforgiveable by the US.

Title:September 11 Fiction of Matrix
Author:Faruk Arslan - 2005-08-01


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