September Dove

September Dove

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September Dove, a must read epic, begins in 1949 on the Texas\Mexican border. Adhering to the times, and with a a€˜fiftiesa€™ spin on morality and work ethics, September Dove is heartwarming, sad, and humorous. Written in a narrative style that is refreshing, painfully honest, and almost primal. Gripping human experiences and bare-naked emotions are artfully exposed. An endearing storytelling triumph, that includes seldom revealed, but accurate, history lessons, from the a€˜wetbacka€™ camps of the era, to the authentic practices of a Central Texas working ranch. Seen through the eyes of a young, eccentric girl, Farley Marie Sebastian, this story, has it all, unforgettable characters, a strong, thought-provoking plot, adventure, action and a€˜soul-deepa€™ love. You will bond with these people, and you will laugh and cry. Farley, a dusky beauty, is saddled with, yet strengthened by, her strict, a€˜fundamentala€™, religious background. Plagued by many suitors, and due to a tragedy, she comes to consider her beauty a sinful curse, rather than a genetic blessing. The author clearly has an amazing grasp of humanity and remarkable descriptive abilities. The dreadful camp conditions, and the brutal ranch practices are poignantly vivid. Humor, action and interesting people and settings offer genderless appeal.Farley decided to clear up the name of this dance hall as they headed out on Highway 29 back towards the house and Menard. a€œWhere does all this dancing take place? Where is this Lakeside deal? I didna#39;t ... a€œIta#39;s down the road from the house on the north side of the roada€ Jewel explained. a€œIta#39;s just a honky-tonk-beer- joint.

Title:September Dove
Author:Pat Calfee
Publisher:Author House - 2005-10-28


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