Set You Free

Set You Free

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The mayora€™s six-year-old son, Ben Carter, is missinga€”and Laurena€™s brother, Tom, is the main suspect. Lauren knows her brother would never harm anyone, but the police dona€™t agree. Bena€™s stepbrother doesna€™t agree. The mayor certainly doesna€™t agree. To some people in Resurrection Falls, Tom is the freak who, rumor has it, once tried to lure a kid into the woods. But if Tom is innocent, why was he lurking around outside the mayora€™s house the night Ben disappeared? And why has he also vanished? After teaming up with Toma€™s friend, Grady, a computer enthusiast and part-time hacker, Lauren decides that rather than try to prove Toma€™s innocence, they should simply give the police some more options. Because everyone, even the mayora€™s apparently perfect family, has secrets.a€œSeeing who has open WiFi connections around here.a€ He is typing and flicking his index finger ... And if you did, if you left your door open and someone walked in, they would steal your things. A TV, microwave maybe, jewelry. Leave youranbsp;...

Title:Set You Free
Author:Jeff Ross
Publisher:Orca Book Publishers - 2015-10-13


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