Sex and the American Teenager

Sex and the American Teenager

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Sex and the American Teenager provides an expert's assessment of the controversies surrounding the sexual development of adolescents, and their beliefs and problems regarding such matters. Using numerous case studies, Dr. Thomas illustrates specific ways that sexual issues arise in school and the variables that impact each case, while suggesting ways parents and school officials can deal with problematic situations. Though not simply statistics-laden, Dr. Thomas's book is replete with information about teenagers who engage in sexual acts, become pregnant, are sexually abused, and contract sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Thomas also discusses the coping methods teenagers use, and he describes the types of sex education programs in which students are most likely to participate. Dozens of case studies illustrate how problems of students' sexual behavior can differ from one incident to another depending on the teenagers' ages, family backgrounds, school settings, and the culture of the surrounding communities. Thomas concludes the book by summarizing the recent past and speculating about the likely status of sex in schools in the years ahead.Or he could fire the coach and also request the state department of education to revoke the coacha#39;s license to teach, ... Or, if the coach agreed to resign quietly from the school, the principal would offer to write a favorable recommendation letteranbsp;...

Title:Sex and the American Teenager
Author:R. Murray Thomas
Publisher:R&L Education - 2009-07-23


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