Sex On Soaps

Sex On Soaps

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SEX ON SOAPS looks at love and lust on television daytime dramas. It's a must read for any soap fan, student of the genre, or anyone interested in the presentation of sexual content on television. SEX ON SOAPS is divided into four sections and includes an interactive table of contents so you can easily maneuver to desired section or subsection. SECTION 1 - SEX ON SOAPS Enjoying the dual role of soap fan and soap researcher, Matthew W. Grant earned his degree in Mass Communications after completing his thesis, Sex On Soaps which includes original soap opera viewer research and analysis looking at sex on daytime soap operas. This material examines how sex and its ramifications are presented on daytime television, how men and women perceive sex on soaps differently, and how they think this portrayal affects them. Text in this section of the book utilizes inline citations to the comprehensive soap opera bibliography which contains over 50 sources including soap opera books, media websites, communications journals, and episodes of network soap operas. An annotated version of the original Sex On Soaps Viewer Survey is included in its entirety. The original version was compiled in 1992. This revised edition includes additional material added in 2006 and 2011. SECTION 2 - SOAP OPERAS: SILLY SUDS OR SOCIAL CONSCIENCE? Does your GUIDING LIGHT come from your television screen? Do your friends think your PASSIONS for soap operas are overwhelming? This essay takes a look at soap opera morality, soap medical storylines, and the way daytime dramas tackle social issues. It concludes with the value of soap operas to society and illustrates why it's perfectly acceptable to fill your afternoons with some LOVING and let those wonderful soap operas take you away to ANOTHER WORLD. SECTION 3 - DAYTIME SOAPS TRIVIA Discover fun facts about your favorite daytime soaps, past and present. Find out the answers to questions such as: Which two soap operas premiered on the same day and went off the air on the same day? Which real life twins played the same role (of a character who wasn't a twin) on the same soap opera at different times? Which actor, actress, and soap opera won the first Daytime Emmy Awards? How many times was Susan Lucci of ALL MY CHILDREN nominated as Outstanding Lead Actress before she won her first Daytime Emmy? Which four NBC soap operas were cancelled on New Year's Eve? Who convinced Elizabeth Taylor to guest star at Luke a Laura's GENERAL HOSPITAL wedding? How? Which DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress's mother was once the headwriter of the show? Which actress from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS had her real-life face-lift broadcast during the show? SECTION 4 - WELCOME TO SLATERS FALLS Find out who comes out on top when a dirty cop pulls over a take-no-prisoners bitch on a deserted country road in this bonus short story featuring a crossover storyline with characters from Matthew W. Grant's novels Secrets Of Slaters Falls and Welcome To Northbridge.That same TV Guide article describes a scene from the soap opera LOVING in which a seductive, lingerie clad woman lies ... there was a general industry-wide (at least for free network television) examination of what was being put on the air.

Title:Sex On Soaps
Author:Matthew W. Grant
Publisher:Granite Gate Media - 2013-12-27


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