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qLet's get one thing very clear -- there are no stupid questions in sex.q Ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, people have been curious about sex: Do women really care about size? Is there any truth to the blue balls rumor? Could I get HIV from someone performing oral sex on me? Why do guys like to watch porn so much? In Sexpertise, Dr. Robin Sawyer, who teaches human sexuality at the University of Maryland, takes the most-asked questions about sex from his enormously popular course and provides scientifically accurate yet honest, entertaining, and most of all, useful answers. From flirting and fetishes to staying power and STDs -- no topic is too embarrassing or off-limits to explore. Whether read cover to cover or as a go-to guide when particular questions arise, Sexpertise delivers all the knowledge you need to separate the truth about sex from its myths and urban legends, and in turn become a true sexpert.Whata#39;s up with the morning-after pill and does it really work? 125 So how does ECP actually work? 126 Couldna#39;t Ijust use ... 134 How soon will I get symptoms after someone gives me a sexually transmitted infection? 134 How can you tell if ... 135 So really, how do you prevent STIs? 136 Can you get more ... 143 SEXPERTI S E DR ROBIN SAWYER Chlamydia 144 Can lesbians get chlamydia ? 146. xv.

Author:Robin Sawyer
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2008-04-22


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