Shadow Burns

Shadow Burns

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When more than a dozen people die at a retirement home, the official story is carbon monoxide poisoning. CAusar Hawke is convinced the reason is less mundane and more infernal. But thata€™s his job. As an agent working for the Office of Preternatural Affairs, hea€™s always looking for supernatural answers to deadly questions. Isobel Stonecrow agrees to help him find the truth. With her powers of necrocognition, she can speak to the dead and get the real story. But when they return to the crime scene, they find a lot more than cadavers. They find a nightmare that they cana€™t escapea€”a nightmare from Isobela€™s past, which even she cana€™t completely remember thanks to the contract that signed away her soul. CAusar will have to disinter Isobela€™s secrets to save her. Hea€™ll learn who Isobel used to be, what shea€™s done, and the price she paida€bno matter how deadly the knowledge might be.When she slammed the door behind her, it made the whole RV shake. Silence followed her exit. ... a€œIa#39;m sure therea#39;s a fix. Ia#39;ll help you. We can find ... Her eyes roved over mychest, my face, andthen dropped to the floor again. a€œWell, Ithink ita#39;d beanbsp;...

Title:Shadow Burns
Author:SM Reine
Publisher:Red Iris Books - 2014-09-24


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