Shadow Fall

Shadow Fall

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Truth is the most dangerous weapon of all . . . Kira Solomona€™s life has never been simple. Battling against the Fallen, serving the Egyptian goddess Maa€™at, becoming romantically involved with a 4, 000-year-old Nubian warriora€”these are now everyday realities. But something is changing. Kiraa€™s magic is becoming dangerously unpredictable, tainted by the Shadow she has been trained to destroy. Matters grow worse when an Atlanta museum exhibit based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead turns out to have truly sinister properties. As the body count rises, even long-trusted allies start to turn against Kira. She can hardly blame thema€”not when the God of Chaos is stalking her dreams and the shocking truth about her origins is finally coming to light. As one of the good guys, Kira was a force to be reckoned with. But if the only way to stop a terrifying adversary is to fight Shadow with Shadow, then shea€™s ready to find out just how very bad she can be. . . .Now she had an extra one that was forged with Shadow magic. ... At Kiraa#39;s direction, Khefar made a couple of quick turns lower into the parking deck, passing through another barrier waiting open for them. He parked the Charger between two black SUVs. ... As it flashed white, the elevator lifted off smoothly, but Kira could feel the tingle along her arms as it magically gathered ... Pressure increased with the speed of her ascent, pushing her down and making her want to lock her knees.

Title:Shadow Fall
Author:Seressia Glass
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-07-26


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