Shadowliving : Tactical Manual

Shadowliving : Tactical Manual

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GET THE TACTICAL ADVANTAGE NOW. In this useful handbook you will discover strategies on: - Living well frugally in style with tons of moneysaving tips on avoiding debt, housing, utilities, shopping for food and clothing, health care, transportation, and entertainment. Even reusing and dumpster diving if necessary. - Vigilantly protecting your privacy on all levels when using the mail, utilities, phones, computers, banks, and more. Plus learn how to hide your valuables, deal with the police, use disguises, and defeat drug tests. - Defending yourself and your home not only unarmed and armed but how to avoid a conflict in the first place plus spot and use improvised weapons in your immediate surroundings (over 150 are listed). - And finally if you happen to be trapped in the wilderness you will be able to survive until rescue comes. Full of interesting and detailed knowledge for anyone wishing to live under the radar in this increasingly dangerous world.Use of Flash and Smoke Bombs Discussing something like flash or smoke bombs may seem out of place in selfdefense and more suited toward cheesy ninja movies or superhero comic books. However, SWAT teams ... out of hand. Flash bombs create an unexpected flash of light which can temporarily shock and blind aggressors. ... Flash paper is treated paper that when ignited produces a bright flash.

Title:Shadowliving : Tactical Manual
Author:Daniel Santiago
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-03-14


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