Shadow's Prisoners

Shadow's Prisoners

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In Shadowa€™s Prisoners a cascade of death sweeps the town where fifteen year-old Peter Livingston lives in an old funeral home. After he discovers a horrific and unexplained fact about what the family business is all about, he enlists the aid of a doctor, a teacher, his uncle, and a soon-to-retire FBI agent to find out what is killing the town's pets and children. The secret, known to Peter's father, a prison warden, and a strange bird, involves reviving the dead and trying to send them through an old Underground Railroad tunnel back to jail - all of which doesn't work out as planned.a€œWhich steps squeak?a€ a€œOnly two steps dona#39;t squeak, a€ he said softly. a€œJust put your feet on the edge of each step, and youa#39;ll be fine. It wona#39;t squeak that way.a€ Peter started down the stairs again and, after two steps, he stopped and murmured:anbsp;...

Title:Shadow's Prisoners
Author:Billie M. Spaight
Publisher:J.Paddy Spaight - 2015-03-19


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