Shamanic Christianity

Shamanic Christianity

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A guide to reconnecting with Jesus, Mary, and the saints as shamanic teachers of divine mysteries a€c Contains meditations, contemplations, parables, and active ritual tasks that help bring forth a shamanic understanding and practice of Christianity a€c Shows shamanic experience to be the root of mystical communion When the missionaries came to North America to a€œsavea€ the American Indians, they were perplexed to discover that while they talked about Jesus, some of the Indians claimed to talk directly with him. Among Christians there is almost complete silence on the subject of the place of shamanism in experiencing the divine, yet shamanic experience is at the root of all mystical communion. Shamanic Christianity offers a chance to rekindle the shamanic practices of Christianity to those who wish to restore their direct connection to the spirit world. In the tradition of contemplative practice, this reconnection takes the form of devotions. Presented in four forms, these devotions begin with a specific contemplation, followed by a meditative focus, then a parable from the authora€™s own visionary experiences, and finally an active mystical practice to help ground the meditations and contemplations in a ritual or ceremony that involves active participation. These four forms serve to reintroduce Jesus, Mary, and the historically renowned saints as shamanic teachers of divine mysteries whose spiritual presence is readily available to contemporary lives. The author also presents specific directives for handling everyday challenges in a shamanic-inspired manner, drawing upon creative activities and resources that encourage approaching the world with the imaginative and playful spirit of a child, whose personal freedom and creative expression is always wide open to possibilities.DIRECTIVE: SOUND TREATMENT Get an audio recorder and make the necessary arrangements to record your voice. ... Youwill have tobring pliers and any other tools you mightneed to accomplish thispart of the task. Pull out the wholeanbsp;...

Title:Shamanic Christianity
Author:Bradford Keeney
Publisher:Inner Traditions / Bear & Co - 2006-03-13


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