Shamanic Experience

Shamanic Experience

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In an age when much of the Earth's surface has already been explored, mankind's search has extended both outwards, beyond earth into outer space, and inwards to the non-physical realms that lie within ourselves. This inner space is the domain of the Shaman who knows that everything has life and that there is an invisible essence which links all that exists. Thus, through deep connection with nature and the more subtle levels of existence generally, the Shaman understands the correct place of all things - including himself. The shaman knows this information because he has experienced it for himself. We all have the potential to know and experience the inner realms. In this way we can discover our true purpose and find real happiness and fulfilment generally. This text explains practical contemporary shamanism and shows how to apply its principles and techniques to everyday life.A shamanic tool can thus accompany its owner on shamanic journeys to other levels of existence, even to other dimensions, for it, too, possesses a non- physical body to make that possible. The act of consecration is a ritual, and an effectiveanbsp;...

Title:Shamanic Experience
Author:Kenneth Meadows
Publisher:Element Books Limited - 1991


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