Shameless Shortcuts

Shameless Shortcuts

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Ingenious ways to save precious minutes and hours on daily tasks and household routines Short on time but long on chores? If your housework is driving you crazy, you need to get shameless. Shameless Shortcuts, that is. This clever book gives you the secrets you need to do the job you want--while saving time, money, and effort. In Shameless Shortcuts you will discover: o The top 10 shortcuts for the 5 worst time-wasters o Strategic ways to use email to save time o 5 simple tax return shortcuts that save you time--and money o Fast fixes for clogged toilets, blocked drains, and faulty faucets o Gift ideas that take 2 minutes The editors of Yankee magazine have collected the most ingenious, most effective ideas for snipping minutes from the activities of daily life. Time-pressured readers will appreciate the no-nonsense approach: every shortcut is explained in 200 words or less. Just 2 minutes of reading translates into practical knowledge that can free time immediately, whether it's a cooking tip that saves 5 minutes per meal prepared, a shopping shortcut that shears 10 minutes a trip when running errands, or a daily yard-scouting ritual that reduces yard work by up to 2 hours a week. After a single 30-minute session reading Shameless Shortcuts, you can save as much as 30 minutes a day--every day! And that time is yours to use--any way you like!1, 027 Tips and Techniques That Help You Save Time, Save Money, and Save Work Every Day! ... Jim Slate, an avid outdoorsman and cook in Winnsboro, South Carolina, offers this no-fail shortcut for preparing dried beans in a slow cooker.

Title:Shameless Shortcuts
Author:Fern Marshall Bradley, Yankee Magazine
Publisher:Rodale Books - 2005-06-04


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